Vote for the B-girl Guide – Help Me Win a Grant for $2000 Via GOOD Magazine

Update: a group in Detroit won! But I had a good showing. Thanks for the support!

The B-girl Guide is up for a grant of $2000 to fund the final editing, illustration and printing of the book. It’s me and 60 other projects and it’s totally dependent on your vote! There’s a lot of great, great projects there & I’d love to win! Then I would be able to complete the book.

The project with the most votes as of May 30th at 3 p.m. Eastern Time wins!

Click for “Vote for this Idea” to vote for me! If you don’t have a GOOD account, you just need to log in with an email address or Facebook account to register. You will be emailed a link to validate and, once you’ve voted, you’ll get verification that your vote has been counted. You can only vote once – please tell your friends to vote and spread the word! (Good recommends using Firefox or Google Chrome to access their site.)

The B-girl Guide is about being AUTHENTIC. It’s based on my experiences as rock ‘n roll publicist, activist, entrepreneur and blogger. It’s filled with practical suggestions for women and men on navigating the twists and turns of trying to stay sane and meaningful in an increasingly commercialized world. It features prescriptions for interacting with animals, the planet, and each other amidst the pressures and crises of daily life.

GOOD Maker is a project of GOOD Magazine and is “a tool to help you make good things happen. GOOD Maker gives individuals and organizations the ability to tap into the public’s creativity and energy to address an issue that’s important to them.

Please vote for me and The B-girl Guide here at Good. Thank you!


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