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I can use your help.

For the last ten years, I’ve laid the foundation for the material that will be in the book. I’ve been entirely self-funded while writing my book and supporting my activism work. I went from working with rock stars, making a six figure salary, getting nice perks like free dinners, CDs and concert tickets, taking taxis and limos all over NYC to taking the subway, meeting with groups of people in small community centers and coffee shops around issues related to the environment, animals and anti-war, speaking at City Council hearings, moderating press conferences outside City Hall, and writing a hyper local blog.

As you can imagine, a focus on being an activist, writer and blogger has not exactly been lucrative but the combination – doing so – has given me a grander perspective on… well, just about everything.

B-girl has always been there. In 2010, I did a Kickstarter campaign to raise some funds to move the book forward. That was Phase I and successful because of my wonderful Kickstarter supporters.

**Help Fund Phase II — the Final Editing, Writing, Illustration/Design and Printing! Click here —

Every $10, $20, $50 is a big deal. 

Thank you whatever you can contribute! It means so much.


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