Tales of Washington Square Park – New!

Tales of Washington Square Park is your official guide to that historic park by the editor of the Washington Square Park Blog.

Why was the fountain moved 23 feet east to line up with the Arch at Fifth Avenue after 137 years in its previous location?

Did cars really run through the Arch?

What is the story behind the “Hangman’s” elm at the park?

Why did Henry James hate the Arch?

Answers to these questions and more!

From Eleanor Roosevelt, Jane Jacobs, Bob Dylan, Dave Chappelle to today, the park remains the heart of Greenwich Village. It is a constant reminder of the magical commons in the midst of the privatized city.

After five years of writing the Washington Square Park Blog, blogger Cathryn Swan has compiled twelve of her favorite stories and articles (two first published at her Huffington Post blog), updated them and now this collection is available in print in Tales of Washington Square Park.

Topics include the history, personalities, nature of the park; information on the park’s redesign; privatization of public space, and more.

Printed on 90% post-consumer recycled paper.

About the Author:

Cathryn Swan lives in New York City. She is the founder of the Washington Square Park Blog, an independent, hyperlocal website which began in February 2008. She also writes stories at the Huffington Post, as well as Cathryn’s World. She is completing a book, The B-girl Guide: Rethinking the Way We Live, a guide to living your life in an environmentally, animal and people friendly way told via stories of her life in NYC as rock publicist, activist & blogger.

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