Thank You’s

A HUGE B-girl Thank you to my Kickstarter and Other Supporters!

Maris Abelson
Paula Amato
Reverend Billy
Carolyn Birden
Bronwen Blass
Cam and Jeff Blass
Dwight Steven Blass
William Bogert
Howard Brandstein
Shipra Chauhan
Johanna Clearfield
Mitchel Cohen
Chloe Comins
Savitri D.
Kathleen Drohan
Melissa Ennen
Eve Ensler
Roy Felshin
Tom Gates
Robert Gold
Sandy Griffin
Patricia Heffley
Patti Hudson
Jennifer Jager
Robert Kane
Pamela Kawi
Chris Kinder
Eric Laursen
Frank LeFever
David Lerner
Jenny Malone
Rebecca Major
Rosa Naparstek
Chris Otto
Laura Perez-Vitollo
Debbie Pollack
Anne Pope
Tim Ranney
Michael Ratner
Mark Read
Lars Rensmann
Robert Simon
Patti Smith
Rachel Smith
Albert Baron Solomon
Laurie Spiegel
Alex Steinberg
Susan Celia Swan
Brian Tokar
Suzannah B. Troy
Barbara Trypaluk
Tracy Zamot
Deanna Zandt
Linda Zises

If you’d like to join in and help out (I’ll add your name here & lots more!), check out my “crowd funding” page.

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