Cathryn is a writer, blogger, and entrepreneur living in New York City. She grew up in New Jersey where she wrote a fanzine (“The Aurora”) about Bruce Springsteen while she was in high school. After college, she entered the music business and represented superstar artists like Patti Smith, Sarah McLachlan, Aretha Franklin and AC/DC, to name a few! During that time, Cathryn started an aromatherapy fragrance line, B-girl (the name The B-girl Guide comes from this – and is inspired by), which has been sold online and in stores like Fred Segal and Nordstrom. B-girl has been written up in ELLE, IN Style, British ELLE, Paris ELLE, Latina, Seventeen, and more. In 2000, wanting to give ‘back,’ Cathryn started taking on issues as a grassroots activist relating to helping the environment, animals & wildlife. For the last four years, she has written The Washington Square Park Blog focusing on the redesign of the landmark park, its history and events, and touching on New York City issues, including the privatization of public space and more. The B-girl Guide blog and book are her next frontier. She is a big fan of coffee shops where people can come for community, and, of course, great coffee, tea, events and conversation. She’d like the B-girl Guide site to be a place people can come for the community, conversation, and information part – just bring your own coffee or tea (organic, fair trade preferably!).

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  1. Dear Cathy,

    Love the site and loved your article on Earth Day. Write on! And thankyou for introducing me to your work.

    Hugs, R

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